Escape Room Liverpool have brought you some of the most popular escape games from the other side of the world. You will have to pit your wits against our devious puzzles use  only your powers of observation. Most of the clues are hidden in plain site. Will you be able to uncover them before the clock ticks down ?

Escape Room Liverpool ‘s  brilliant city centre escape games have been designed so everyone can join in the fun. Your team will need people with keen observation skills, problem solving abilities and some out of the box thinking , to successfully complete your mission in our escape rooms.

Everyone will have a part to play , if you are to make a successful escape.

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vikings are coming

the vikings are coming

Step into a legendary age of gods and monsters, where your peaceful Viking village is being threatened by an invasion of spine-chilling Ice Giants.

With your warriors away you don’t stand a chance in a fight, so in desperation you journey to the banqueting hall of the gods to throw yourself on their mercy and beg for help.

But when you enter your heart sinks – Thor, Loki and the other Norse gods are nowhere to be seen. With just one hour before the Ice Giants destroy your village, can you work together to summon the gods and gain their protection?

Take too long and the Vikings will be no more.

magic spell escape liverpool

The peace of the Wizarding World as you know is at the mercy of He Who Must Not Be Named.

As the Dark Lord closes in on his impending immortality, you discover his intentions of eternal life and even worse: his scheme to rid the Wizarding World of All Muggle heritage.

To protect fellow wizards, witches and professors, you embark on your mission to destroy the Dark Lord and defeat his conquest to overrule the world.

Who will be victorious?

western escape game

Yesterday at the O.K. Corral, Tombstone’s Marshall faced off against the famous Clanton-McLaury Gang of cattle rustlers, thieves and murderers. In a blaze of gunfire, three gang members were killed; two escaped to the hills.

You were at the Corral at the time the shooting began and hid behind a wagon. But because they saw you leaving the Corral after the shooting and assumed you were helping the Gang, an impromptu posse rounded up you and several other townspeople and has thrown you all in jail! Can you prove your innocence before the Judge arrives for a sham trial?

doomsday escape liverpool

operation doomsday

In January 2015, the Association of Atomic Scientists advanced the Doomsday Clock to three minutes before midnight – a threat level that had not been reached in 25 years.

As lead scientist for the association, Dr. Apocalypse is rumored to be the only person who knows exactly when and how the world will end – information that he’s chosen to withhold from government officials. Your team has been hired to conduct a search of Dr. Apocalypse’s office and laboratory to determine when, and how, doomsday will occur.


Dragon's Wish

It’s a mission to find “The Dragon Eggs”. You are in the mystical world of King’s Landing, the capital of Westeros. Jon Snow has been attacked; however he is waiting for you, one of King’s Guards, to enter a secured dungeon beating the eyes of deadly Gregor Clegane to find the Dragon Eggs. Immerse yourself in a world of mystery and engage in the ultimate room inspired by GOT – This room is a must for all GOT fans.


Gift Vouchers

Escape Room Gift vouchers are a great idea as a birthday present or a christmas present.

You dont have to choose which escape game the voucher is for. Recipients can use it for any of our escape rooms.

You just choose the amount of players that you wish to pay for.

Escape room gift vouchers make great presents for families and couples at Christmas time.

Each of our escape rooms vouchers comes with a free secret mission box souvenir.

It’s a unique present and something that recipients remebers for a long long time.

Are you still not sure what to expect in a liverpool Escape Room ?

You could watch a escape room movie from 2019, Escape Room, That’s an escape room movie with lots of horror twists.

 We dont really do that genre. We  prefer to concentrate on FUN. So what we would always answer is expect the unexpected. 

Don’t think too much about what you are going to experience beforehand. Just go in with an open mind and have some fun.